What We Do

The VIM Berkshires free clinic provides access to quality health care for income qualified, uninsured and underinsured residents of the Berkshire region in a respectful and caring manner.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer-based community organization of local healthcare professionals and volunteer laypersons, who are supported by a small paid office staff. Our dedicated volunteer physicians and nurse practitioners, about one third of whom are retired, typically address more than one of a patient’s medical concerns during a visit. Our dental team provides full restorative services as well as appropriate hygiene. Uniquely, a patient may have medical counseling, an optometry appointment, and a dental exam all in one day and under the same roof. We also offer, when needed, an extended network of specialists who see our patients in their private offices or other facilities.

Who We Serve

We serve local patients, age 19 to 64, who are currently uninsured and lack access to public programs. They are part of our local economy, working in restaurants, landscaping, beauty salons, housekeeping,  the creative and performing arts, farming, personal services, carpentry, construction, and light industrial jobs and some are our friends and neighbors. Some are part-time workers and some are small business owners. All are economically distressed and struggling, and typically work multiple jobs and experience erratic living situations. Find out who qualifies for VIM care.


Results We Can Measure!

  • 10 years of dedicated service
  • Over 130 active clinical and non-clinical volunteers
  • Over 35,000 clinical and 50,000 administrative volunteer hours
  • Over 2,200 patients
  • Over 23,000 patient visits
  • Referral network of 50 local healthcare partners
  • Over 2,000 patient referrals
  • Privately funded. No federal or state subsidies
  • Raising over $600,000 annually from individuals, businesses, corporations and foundations
  • Over $400,000 annually in pro bono medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and services