Speakeasy Gala 2016

Many thanks to photographer to Elaina Mortali whose photographs capture the spirit and energy of the 2016 gala.

Mardi Gras Gala 2015

Huge thanks for these photos go to VIM volunteer photographer Tricia Bevan!

2015 Chefs Dinner

All photos by VIM photographer Tricia Bevan. Huge thanks go to Tricia, as well as well as all the other volunteers who made this great event such a success.

Holiday Party 2014

The VIM Holiday party was held on Monday, December 15th at Dewey Hall. All photos taken by VIM Volunteer and photographer extraordinaire Tricia Bevan. Thanks, Tricia!

Holiday Party 2013

VIM’s Holiday Party was held at Dewey Hall in December 2013. Photos by VIM volunteer photographer Tricia Bevan.

2013 Gala

VIM Gala 2013 photographs by Tricia Mc Cormack


Chefs Dinner 2013

Photographs by Tricia Bevan.

Holiday Party 2012

Photos from the 2012 holiday party were taken by Tricia Bevan. Thanks, Tricia!

2012 Gala

Photographs of the 2012 gala were taken by Tricia McCormack.

Holiday Party 2011

2011 Gala

Photographs of the 2011 gala were taken by Edward Acker.

2012 Chefs Dinner

Photographs of the VIM 2012 dinner by Tricia Bevan.

Board Meeting

Board members relax after a recent meeting. The wall hangings were donated by two patients, representative of the art of their native countries.