The Faces of VIM

The VIM Berkshires community is made up of lots of special people and we’d like you to meet some of them.

Several times a year, we will be adding new profiles to the FACES of VIM –  profiles of our clinical volunteers, our administrative volunteers and our patients.  Enjoy!

Tricia Bevan

For a woman who grew up on a “sheep station” in the small town of Yass, Australia, rural life in the Berkshires comes naturally. And…Continue reading

James Brazie

Based on an interview with Jimmy and his very caring friend, Tammy Mathieu. Even though Jimmy is developmentally disabled, he has a smile and a…Continue reading

Trina Cysz, RN-C, BSN, MPH

Energetic people pack a lot into a short time span … one such person is Trina Cysz, a nurse who is part of VIM’s medical…Continue reading

Herb Diamond, MD

Dr. Herb Diamond volunteers as a member of VIM’s Quality Assurance Committee. Quality Assurance (QA) is “the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects…Continue reading

Claire Eurich

For a woman who loves to travel, Claire Eurich hasn’t moved very far from where she grew up –the village of North Egremont, where she…Continue reading

Allan Goldstein

It takes a good volunteer to see the potential in a prospective volunteer.  Allan Goldstein became involved with VIM through his friend Jane Salamon, one…Continue reading

David Grover

“I knew for a long time that my gums were in bad shape, but could never afford to fix the problem properly. It kept getting…Continue reading

Bill Hayhurst, DDS

Bill Hayhurst, one of VIM’s team of excellent dentists, began his connection with VIM about eight years ago when he sold his New York practice…Continue reading

John Herman, OD, FAAO

Dr. John Herman has  volunteered with VIM for almost 10 years as Director of the Optometry Clinic.  Those who assist him in delivering patient care…Continue reading

Kenneth Mayer

Kenneth Mayer is the son of an English mother and an Austrian father. His parents were living in England at the beginning of World War…Continue reading

Genis Melendez-Delaney

Genis Melandez-Delaney brings a rich, varied and productive background to her role as an interpreter at VIM. She came to the US and settled in…Continue reading

Jennifer Miele

Profile by Tricia Bevan Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires patient Jennifer Miele recently reflected on her first visit to VIM: “These days it’s nice to sit…Continue reading

Nancy Fernandez Mills

Nancy Fernandez Mills is a many-faceted VIM volunteer. As you read an outline of her life story, you begin to understand what a depth of…Continue reading

Jeani Parsons

Jeani Parsons has always been interested in health care.  After her daughter Melissa went off to college, Jeani began her volunteer career and found a…Continue reading

Arthur Peisner

Chairman, VIM Board of Trustees  “My involvement with VIM is very much about passion! Of course I really like what I am doing here and…Continue reading

Ligia Pineda

Colombian native Ligia Pineda has been treated by clinicians at VIM Berkshires for at least eight years.  She lives in Pittsfield and heard about VIM’s…Continue reading

Carol Reife, MD

Carol Reife, MD, Co-Medical Director of VIM Berkshires, has been spending vacation time in the Berkshires since she was a child. Since she loves the…Continue reading

Ellen Rowntree, MD

I was born in New Haven, Connecticut where my parents were professors at Yale, my mother in psychiatry and my father in sociology. My father…Continue reading

Frank Sessa, DDS

My sister and I grew up in Stamford, Connecticut. I am a first generation Italian-American.  I grew up in a very small, lower-middle class neighborhood….Continue reading

Marguerite Sherman

If you chance to visit VIM on Wednesdays or Thursdays, you will surely meet one of our receptionists – Marguerite Sherman. This friendly, calm, competent…Continue reading

Molly Sheriff

Molly Sheriff is one of VIM’s invaluable front desk volunteers. She has been part of the receptionist team for the past eight years. That kind…Continue reading

Roger Siciliano

When Pittsfield resident and Vietnam Vet Roger Siciliano learned that his veteran’s benefits would not pay for the extensive dental work he needed, he was…Continue reading